Our Titles

These are the Phase One titles in the Pendulum Heart line up.

The Lunatic, The Lover & The Poet

“Glee meets Scream with a little CW’s Nancy Drew” 

A small town school of the arts attempts to put on a modern rendition of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream when the lead actress is murdered. The search for the killer ensues and everyone in the cast is a suspect. One-Shot. 

Don't Ever Blink

A killer that sews the eyelids of victims shut stalks a small town. However, when one of the victims actually survives, a mystery begins to unravel that not only shakes the very foundation of the town, but may also have apocalyptic consequences.

War Priest

In the distant future a warrior priest travels through an extraordinary landscape of magic, monsters and demons to find a missing colleague and uncovers a sinister plot that shakes him to his core.

The Immortal Gatsby

The self made millionaire daughter of a forgotten bootlegger seeks to have the life she’s thought she always deserved by destroying the old money oligarchy of East Egg, Long Island and the old magick it derives from.